Studi Giuridici Europei

Studi Giuridici Europei are an ideal continuation of Civiltà giuridica europea, whose publications stopped in 2011. The connecting issues have at the moment an annual nature. But this is a new journal. Its name summarises the identity: scientific rigor, as a method, the law as an object, the international slant and especially the reference to Europe, as characterization.
First, the journal has set up a scientific committee of the highest profile.
It includes only professors, which is not common. In addition to an emeritus president of the Constitutional Court, also directors of two of the most important magazines in the world of legal history are part of the Scientific Committee :
Studia et Documenta et Historiae Iuris and Iura.
Let's start with an observation: the crisis of the civilization, meant in its social and spiritual form of aggregated life, is a crisis that, although differently from people to people, involves humanity. Europe's crisis particularly strikes us. It is a crisis of values, and then of identity in first instance. It manifests itself in the renounce to give certainties and in the uncertainty of the future. Crisis' origins must be recognised in a materialist conception of mankind and its journey through history and in an egocentric vision of the person which claims to identify its desires with a more and more arbitrary sphere of rights, which means, among other things, the idea of a provisional situation unable to look at the collective interest and that of future generations. There is the need to find a common plot of values capable of becoming a bridge and cement to unify the peoples. We want to react with a cultural proposal, ruling transformations, considering them realistically as data to confront with. This journal will not therefore be limited to an academic discussion, it aims to intervene in history, it wishes to affect the building of a society. To the foundation of every cultural model there is a conception of values. We intend to propose organizational models that have at their base the concept of man and of the relations between men. We believe in the need that every dynamic development, in order to be solid and strong, be attached to the roots which one must be aware of. Our roots are those who pass through Athens, Rome and Jerusalem. If that is the purpose, we shall start from the reference values for analyse them in their concrete translation. It will be fundamental to set the reconstruction of our identity and our history, as will be essential to propose it in the field of law and economics. We want to ensure the quality of the scientific contributions, and therefore the Scientific Committee decided to insert only scholars who, for their academic prestige or the tasks completed of high responsibility in science, have a proper curriculum. On the other hand, the contributions should be understandable by the average reader. Precisely for this reason we want the journal to be available not only in libraries, but also in book shops and on the internet, available to people so as to encourage the circulation of ideas, debate, the affirmation of values and principles. This, for an idea of university not closed on itself, but given to the society , more and more open, central, able to be a beacon of inspiration and guidance to the spiritual and material growth of our peoples.

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