Trattato sulle sanzioni amministrative

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The work, meant as a novus ordo, is the result of a complex thought: both the general part volume and the special part ones, collect the individual experiences of the many fine professionals focusing on the heterogeneity of the individual contributions as one of the major strengths of the entire work.
It sets itself the ambitious goal of studying and analysing in autonomous volumes much of the rules that provide offenses and administrative sanctions, on the consideration that a legal system could not survive without an adequate system of direct and indirect civil, administrative or criminal sanctions. It is the administrative sanction that here becomes the autonomous legal system ruled and governed by its own regulatory apparatus.

Sanzioni amministrative in materia di edilizia
2014 • pp. XXIV-808 • € 85,00
ISBN 978•88•7524212•1
Sanzioni amministrative in materia di urbanistica
2014 • pp. XX-740 • € 80,00
ISBN 978•88•7524254•1
Sanzioni amministrative in materia di usi civici
2013 • pp. XX-456 • € 50,00
ISBN 978•88•7524225•1
Le sanzioni in materia di trasporto marittimo, aereo, terrestre e codice della strada
2012 • pp. XLIV-1316 • € 125,00
ISBN 978•88•7524201•5
La sanzione amministrativa
Principi generali
2012 • pp. XXXII-1056 • € 98,00
ISBN 978•88•3481839•8