Cardiologia ambulatoriale

Cardiologia Ambulatoriale (Outpatient Cardiology) is the official magazine of A.R.C.A. (Associazioni Regionali Cardiologi Ambulatoriali – Regional Associations Outpatient Cardiologists), the scientific company that represents the outpatient and territorial cardiology in Italy. By the number of subscribers, A.R.C.A. ranks second among the scientific societies operating in the field of cardiology in Italy.
Cardiologia Ambulatoriale is a quarterly magazine that publishes in Italian and English languages spontaneous or at the invitation of the Editorial Board contributions, on all aspects of cardiovascular medicine, with particular reference to cardiovascular prevention and post-acute phase of heart disease. In the magazine you can find different categories of articles, including:

  • editorials, reviews (critical assessment by professionals with cardiovascular issues);
  • original articles ( clinical studies on all aspects of cardiovascular medicine );
  • clinical research (in particular observational research and epidemiology of the territory);
  • case series (special clinical cases with an high educational interest);
  • points of view, short communications and letters to the Director (structured debates on health policy issues), journal clubs (critical analysis of the most important international cardiology trials);
  • electrocardiography , echocardiography, metabolism and cardiovascular risk, forensic cardiology sections.

Cardiologia Ambulatoriale is published in a dual version, digital and paper; it is distributed in both version to subscribers and A.R.C.A. members.
It is currently accessible through the site A.R.C.A. (, and soon through a dedicated website.
Tables of contents and abstracts can be freely downloaded from the home page, while the access to the magazines contents is freely allowed only to associated A.R.C.A. and to all subscribers to the annual paper or digital version.

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