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Tax law is a matter that like no other has an essential interdisciplinary bond, which puts it into contact with all the other legal, economic and business matters, which often involve the same object. Hence the will to create the conditions for a dialogue with the researchers who work in these fields. The journal experience came along with the spread of research evaluation methods that force the scientific community to question the meaning of their work and the forms of diffusion of the legal culture. Hence a unitary cultural project, which involves both the journal and the monographic works that go with it. On the sidelines of the journal indeed stands the Italian and European Tax Law Series divided into two sections: "Monographs and research" and "studies and current events". Particular attention is paid to the interdisciplinary profiles and enlarged reflection to the European systems, with the prevalence of "doctrine", with strict selection of materials to be proposed with systematic comments, rigid refereeing on the generalities of the contributions according to a standardized procedure, documentation on recent news, and balance between the profiles dedicated to the world of taxes and those dedicated to the juridical rules governing the production of standards and their application.

Managing director:
Eugenio Della Valle

Head office / Scientific committee:
Niccolò Abriani, Francisco Adame Martinez, Antonia Agulló Agüero, Jacques Autenne, Mauro Beghin, Pietro Boria, Marc Bourgeois, Andrea Carinci, Giuseppe Cipolla, Silvia Cipollina, Andrea Colli Vignarelli, Gianluca Contaldi, Daria Coppa, Giacinto Della Cananea, Adriano Di Pietro, Augusto Fantozzi, Andrea Fedele, Luigi Ferlazzo Natoli, Stefano Fiorentino, Guglielmo Fransoni, Gianfranco Gaffuri, Franco Gallo, Cesar Garcia Novoa, Alfredo Garcia Prats, Daniel Gutman, Pedro H. Herrera Molina, Manlio Ingrosso, Enrico Laghi, Salvatore La Rosa, Carlos Lopez Espadafor, Raffaello Lupi, Jacques Malherbe, Enrico Marello, Gianni Marongiu, Enrico Marzaduri, Giuseppe Melis, Sebastiano Maurizio Messina, Marco Miccinesi, Salvo Muscarà, Mario Nussi, Carlos Palao Taboada, Leonardo Perrone, Raffaele Perrone Capano, Franco Picciaredda, Francesco Pistolesi, Ana María Pita Grandal, Gianni Puoti, José A. Rozas Valdés, Claudio Sacchetto, Salvatore Sammartino, Roberto Schiavolin, Roman Seer, Maria Teresa Soler Roch, Paolo Stancati, Dario Stevanato, Giuliano Tabet, Francesco Tesauro, Giuseppe Tinelli, Edoardo Traversa, Antonio Uricchio, Juan Enrique Varona Alabern, Marco Versiglioni, Bjorn Westberg, Giuseppe Zizzo

You can find the magazine in the DoGi (Dottrina Giuridica/Juridical Doctrine) Archives, in the Italian catalogue of journals (ACNP-Catalogo italiano dei periodici), in Ebsco Discovery Service, ProQuest Summon, and Torrossa-Casalini Full Text Platform

ANVUR classification:
The magazine is placed in the "A" range in the sectors of reference of the area 12 - Scientific journals.

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